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Cuisenaire rods, or coloured number rods, are still an excellent teaching aid which can be used individually or with a group to help teach preschool or primary age children basic mathematical concepts.

This internationally recognised learning method consists of being able to perform mathematical calculations by associating COLOUR-NUMBER-SIZE.

The pieces are housed in a non-toxic plastic case which is divided into ten compartments whose different shapes and sizes help children associate space and size.

Thanks to this detail, children are able to place each colour neatly in the right place, preventing them rattling when the case is moved.

The case respects the colour scale, namely numbering from the smallest to the largest (1-10) and opens easily when pressure is applied. The Cuisenaire rods are in bright, plain colours, smooth and polished to the touch, with rounded edges.

They are also solid, so even the smallest pieces are indestructible and all sound is “muffled” if they are dropped.

 Children can easily learn:

  • equivalences (the orange rod is worth 10 white rods)
  • numerical value/colour associations
  • basic arithmetic (red rod + green rod = yellow rod)


Case with 200 rods

UNI EN 71-1/2/3