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About us

  • 40 years of experience
  • 1.000 sqm productive unit
  • 3.000 sqm headquarters and warehouse

Manufacturing technologies:

rotation, blow moulding and injection

Italveneta Didattica guarantees:

italian products, immediate product availability, safety and quality.


A better play

Experience is important when discussing toys, games, teaching aids and plastic equipment both for kids and sport. This is because it means being skilled in the use of both technologies and materials, having the ability to deal with any problems concerning use which may arise, and being aware of and respecting the standards currently in force. This results in the quality and safety of a product in a sector where improvisation is a risk. Better play means safer play.


Italveneta Didattica has been operating on the plastic teaching aids market since 1978. During a period of over thirty years, the company has constantly improved its products, updated its technologies, increased its range and extended manufacturing to include new kinds of goods: sports equipment, large toys for recreational structures and craft items.

Versatility and immediate product availability

Today, the mix of artisan and technological skill also makes the extraordinary versatility Italveneta Didattica places at customers’ disposal possible. The company offers immediate availability of all products, a wide assortment, fast response and delivery, and is willing to develop new products and projects in association with customers. These are all important, distinctive features in a business relationship and, combined with quality and safety, really make a difference.


Safety, an essential requirement for teaching materials for schools, has been applied to subsequent product lines, too, becoming a basic feature of the entire range Italveneta Didattica offers. Certified safety based on the strictest, most recent European standards.


Another of the company’s strong points is quality. This comes from a special mix of artisan and technological skills. Persistently artisan in the care taken over detail, in increasing the value of our staff’s contribution, in the choice of materials and control of a production which is still 100% Italian, Italveneta Didattica has continuously explored the opportunities offered by technological progress, too. Indeed, the company currently uses a range of technologies for producing and processing plastic materials according to the product being dealt with.

Italveneta Didattica: why settle for anything less?

Via Risorgimento, 45
30010 Pegolotte di Cona (VE)

Via Risorgimento, 32
30010 Pegolotte di Cona (VE)

Via G. Di Vittorio, 17
30014 Cavarzere (VE)