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For Italveneta Didattica “We Care about Our Kids” means both a strong commitment to and taking painstaking care over our daily works. Our main aim, at all times, is to ensure the  wellbeing and safety of the kids who use our products
It is incredibly important that we respond to their needs and those of their families.
We think about the different ways in which kids play and the many opportunities they have for doing so: at school, during sport, their freetime. These are all times when kids learn about the world and grow. Through our products we are able to ensure they are good times by guaranteeing better, safer play.

We decided to enclose our mission in the concept of love in order to feel we are closer to kids, and a heart perfectly represents the essence of love. A timeless, ageless concept, which children know and recognise. 

Kids are our daily source of inspiration. And what exactly does love mean to them? Their simple, direct words have struck, moved and encouraged us. 
We gave voice to their thoughts, because we have their futures at heart.

This is what the word love means for some of the kids we asked: 
  • Martina, aged 5: Love is when a girl puts on some perfume, a boy puts on some aftershave and then they go out someplace and sniff each other.
  • Daniele, 7aged : Love is when mummy makes daddy some coffee and sips it before giving it to him just to make sure it tastes alright.
  • Roberta, aged 7: Love is when you start crying, but then I come over to you and give you a hug.
  • Elena, aged 5: Love is when mummy gives daddy the tastiest bit of the chicken.
  • Rebecca, aged 8: When grandma had arthritis and couldn’t put her nailvarnish on anymore granddad did it for her, even though he had arthritis, too. That’s love.

And you? What does love mean for you?