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So why are certificates important for a manufacturer?

Children learn about the world and how to interact with others by playing. Therefore, it is fundamental for the toys children use both at home and at school to be safe and not cause accidents.
Italveneta toys are 100% safe because they have passed the stringent tests carried out by international certification institutes, and the certificates they carry attest they are 100% safe.

NEW Directive 2009_48_CE safety of toys

This directive lays down new rules on the safety of toys and on their free movement in the European Community. It applies to products designed or intended, whether or not exclusively, for use in play by children under 14 years of age («toys»).
The directive specifies the obligations of all economic operators in the toy supply chain: manufacturers, importers and distributors, defining their responsibilities.
The directive specifies the characteristics of the CE marking, by which the manufacturer indicates that the toy is in conformity with the applicable requirements set out in the entire European standard.
The new directive introduces substantial and important new obligations regarding warnings and legal markings.

UNI EN 71-1

The TESTS in this standard examine the general requirements, materials, edges, points and metallic wires, sharp points, packaging, warnings and instructions for use, CE marking, age of use.
The standard specifies the requirements and test  methods for the mechanical and physical properties of toys. It refers to new toys, taking into account the period of foreseeable and normal use, and that the toys are used as intended or in a foreseeable way, bearing in mind the normal behaviour of children.

UNI EN 71-2   

The TESTS check that the product does not contain flammable material.
The standard specifies the categories of flammable materials which are prohibited in all toys and the requirements concerning the flammability of certain toys when they are submitted to a small source of ignition.

UNI EN 71-3  

The TESTS check the chemical properties of the product.  
The standard specifies the requirements and test methods for the migration of certain elements (antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium) from toy materials and from parts of toys, with the exception of inaccessible materials.

UNI EN 71- 8   

The TESTS check the general safety provisions of swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor use.
The standard specifies the requirements and test methods for activity toys. 

UNI EN 71-9   

The standard specifies the requirements for the migration or content of certain hazardous organic chemical compounds.

UNI EN 1176-1 and 1176-3

The TESTS check the general and additional safety requirements and test methods of playground equipment.

UNI EN 1729-1 and 1729-2 / UNI EN 1730-6.3/6.5/6.6/6.7

The TESTS carried out check, for example, vertical static load, vertical fatigue, vertical impact, stability under vertical load.
The standard specifies the functional dimensions, safety requirements and test methods for furniture, chairs and tables for educational institutions.