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The 5th G! COME GIOCARE took place at Fieramilanocity. This fair-cum-event is organised by the Italian International Toy Fair – Assogiocattoli for kids, but aims to involve entire families.

Games and toys were set out for all age groups during the event, split into different themed areas amongst which toys, diet, sport, model-making, school, video-games, puericulture i.e. the prenatal care of unborn children and their mothers, and eco-sustainabilty., the e-commerce website linked to the event was there as an exhibitor and gave Italveneta a large area in which to set up its products, meaning the visiting children could actually play with them. Our large outdoor and indoor toys were represented by our brightly coloured WAGON TOY, whilst the versatile PLAY PEN fencing was displayed for our PLAYSCHOOL line, and giant bricks and road signs were also set out to entertain the little visitors who played with them.

The focal theme of the event  which has just finished was the educational value of play as an essential tool for growth and for correctly educating children. And anyone who, like us, produces toys and teaching tools for kids can but share and back this value.

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