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Our donation to create a play area in a hospital in Italy


Italveneta Didattica: the game as a tool of happiness.

We at Italveneta Didattica have decided to make a donation to the hospital "Città della Speranza", to create a children’s area within the pediatric oncohematology department of the Padua hospital.

città della speranza donation

Safe and colorful toys for a children’s area of excellence.

For some time now, the children of the pediatric oncohaematology department of Padua can find tables, chairs, bricks, giant bricks and play pen fence to spend some carefree time between one therapy and another. The colorful games of Italveneta Didattica have created a space of excellence, able to give an extra smile to the little patients of the department.

As our customers, retailers and wholesalers know well, the games for children proposed by us are not only attractive, colorful and beautiful to see, but also safe thanks to the certifications for public use UNI EN 71-1/2/3 and UNI EN 1176.

In this way, hospital staff and hospitalized children can count on a quality children’s area.

The decision of Italveneta Didattica: an important choice.  

The decision of Italveneta Didattica to make a donation to the Fondazione Città della Speranza was made with the awareness of the importance of being at the side of the less fortunate, in this case children admitted to the pediatric oncohematology department of Padua.

After many contacts and a careful analysis of the needs of the hospital we understood that we could support not only children, but also the medical staff and families with the creation of an ad hoc play area for small patients in the department.



Hospital play area: support not only for the child, but also for the doctor and the family

As manufacturers for over 45 years of play areas for public play areas, we at Italveneta Didattica know well the advantages of having a children’s area in their own structure, which is functional and fun.

A well-designed children’s area provides a safe and stimulating space for children, allowing them to play and socialize. This not only promotes the physical and cognitive development of children, but also offers parents the opportunity to relax knowing that their children are safe and entertained. 

A children’s play area can make your environment more welcoming and familiar, attracting families with children. This can be particularly beneficial for restaurants, shopping malls, hotels or public places, as families are more likely to frequent places that offer entertainment for the little ones. This can lead to increased customer and customer satisfaction.

In particular, implementing a play area in the hospital can provide numerous benefits, not only for hospitalized children, but also for the medical staff and families involved. Here are some advantages of a hospital play area:

1.         Emotional support for children: A play area provides a reassuring and fun environment that can help children divert attention from illness or medical treatments. The game is known to be therapeutic and can contribute to the emotional well-being of hospitalized children.

2.  Stress reduction: Hospital environments can be intimidating and stressful for children. A play area can help reduce the level of anxiety and fear by providing them with a safe and familiar place.

3.  Facilitates doctor-patient communication: Doctors can use the play area to interact with children in a more informal setting. This can facilitate communication and help children better understand their condition and treatments.

4.         Promotion of socialization: Interaction with other children through play can encourage socialization, providing opportunities to share experiences and support each other.

5.         Support for parents and families: Families can benefit from a play area because it gives them a space to spend time together, reducing stress and creating a more positive atmosphere.

During medical treatments, the play area can serve as a pleasant distraction for children, helping to make the experience less traumatic.

kids playing


About Città della Speranza

Città della Speranza is an Italian non-profit organization that supports scientific research and medical care dedicated to pediatric diseases, especially children suffering from cancer and serious diseases. Founded in Padua in 1994,Città della Speranza was established to promote high-quality scientific research and ensure advanced and specialized care for children suffering from serious diseases.

                                                         città della speranzaitalveneta didattica  

For us at Italveneta Didattica, being able to give moments of joy and happiness and being close to the children who suffer is a source of great pride and an extra testimony of how we have always tried to do our best in the social sphere.

We are therefore very happy to have had the opportunity to support Città della Speranza with our donation.