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Plastic toys: better than wooden ones!


We are certified Italian manufacturers of plastic creations that have nothing to envy to wooden ones. 

So, what sets them apart?

Playing has always been an essential activity for the growth and well-being of children, positively impacting cognitive and emotional skills, especially on child development. Our specialization lies in producing a diverse range of items for schools, kindergartens, and public spaces, including educational toys, recreational activities, motor skills kits, and playgrounds!

As certified Italian manufacturers of plastic toys, we have nothing to envy to wooden ones. In fact, as we will see, our plastic games offer additional features and qualities. We have consistently catered to retailers, wholesalers, and online stores (minimum order €500) with the awareness that a better future can start with the choice of ethical and ecological creations designed not to harm the environment we live in.

cubic toy posto in una stanza di una scuola wagon toy in un campo d'erba cubic toy sulla spiaggia

Plastic Toys: The Growing Importance of Ethical Play

 Today, ethical play is more important than ever among children's game manufacturers. Regulations and certifications are increasing annually to ensure the eco-sustainability of games. Sustainable play extends beyond wooden toys to include toys made from 100% biodegradable or recyclable materials, including recycled plastic. We are actively working on our continuously evolving eco-friendly product line.

In particular, game manufacturers targeting retailers and wholesalers are discovering the advantages of bioplastic toys, made from sustainable and renewable materials.

Creating educational games for children without releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and producing a 100% recyclable product is our goal.

These games match or even surpass the resistance and safety of those produced from certified forest wood, adhering to environmental standards. Plastic games offer additional advantages that increasingly appeal to parents, educators, and caregivers who prioritize the health and well-being of children, especially during play.

What are the Advantages of Plastic?

Contrary to common belief, plastic has numerous advantages. It is increasingly used in the production of educational and mathematical games for children, as well as outdoor and playground creations, for several well-known reasons: plastic is easily sanitized, durable, and, unlike wood, requires no treatments or maintenance.

Additionally, it is a safer material that allows for part replacements in case of wear and tear. Considering the advantages of plastic in outdoor playground construction, we must consider:

- Excellent mechanical properties, providing long-lasting equipment with an average lifespan four times longer than wood.

- No risk of splinters, resins, or other residues characterizing wooden children's playgrounds.

- Great flexibility and impact resistance.

- Excellent insulating, fire-resistant, and self-extinguishing properties that do not heat up under the sun.

- Low maintenance requirements.

- Customization possibilities in terms of texture and color of the game.

- Resistance to fungi and insects.

As evident, even lovers of classic wooden games will find plastics to be a safe and suitable material for children. This is demonstrated by the increasing demand for plastic games from retailers and wholesalers to whom we also address with our catalog of toys for primary and preschool education.