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We are proud to present new eco-friendly toys.

Fully manufactured with 100% recycled material and Renewable power sources. 

About 51.940 KG CO2 not relasedinto the enviroment.

We have creaded some items such as: Clips (pole/pole, pole/hoop, hoop/hoop, pole/tubolar hoop)  Flat hoops, Mega bricks and Stilts.

Any residue or waste of our moulding are put back into the production cycle.

We re-cycle only our material to be able to guarantee ALWAYS the safety, non-toxicity, strength and flexibility of our toys.

Polyethylene and Polypropylene are cost effective and environmentally smart way to optimise oil compounds, the most important energy resource, for the time being.

Flat hoops - lime Clip and Recycled raw material Mega Bricks and Stils