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This year, we won't be at Spielwarenmesse: discover why


Our participation in the Speilwarenmesse fair for over 40 years.

It was a tradition deeply rooted in our company's history, a fixed appointment that marked the rhythm of our years: the participation in the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Spielwarenmesse. For forty years we presented ourselves as exhibitors, showcasing our creations and establishing direct human and business relationships with our customers. It was a special occasion, a moment of sharing where we could see the satisfied expressions of our customers in person, listen to their suggestions, and capture the enthusiasm directly in the exhibition hall.

2020 as a turning point.

However, 2020 brought about an epochal change. That year marked the end of an era, the final chapter of our long participation in the fair. A few days after the event, the world came to a halt due to Covid-19. Streets emptied, businesses had to stop, and we, like everyone else, found ourselves facing an unprecedented reality. The pandemic pushed us to reconsider our approach, to rewrite the rules of the game we had always known.

The traditional way of interacting with customers, the warmth of handshakes, and visual contact suddenly became inaccessible.

 Ilaria con organizzatori spielwaren

Change of perspective and new customer approaches.

But innovation often emerges from challenges, and so we began a journey towards a new and digital world of doing business. We must confess: it wasn't easy at first. Changing perspective requires courage, and completely changing our way of operating was a challenge that required abandoning established certainties. However, the willingness to adapt and the passion for what we do drove us to dive into this new adventure.


Video calls: the first step forward to maintain contact with customers.

We inaugurated the new chapter through video calls with customers, an experience that, as we explored, made us realize how it was possible to maintain contact, convey emotions, and present our products with the same effectiveness as before.



Our first virtual fair.

Then, last October, we organized our first virtual fair: a digital showcase that allowed us to connect with our customers worldwide, breaking down geographical barriers and bringing our exhibition directly to their homes and offices. It was amazing to discover that, behind a screen, we could convey the same passion, share intricate details, and make the tangible value of our products apparent.

Watch the live recording here: 



We continue to meet our customers... online!

So, for the second consecutive year, we have decided not to participate in the Nuremberg fair.

Not because we don't love tradition or human contact, but because we have discovered a different, equally valid world to connect with you. We will continue to meet online, through video calls and personalized meetings, carrying on this new approach that has allowed us to optimize time, making meetings more accessible, and surprisingly, strengthening the bond with our customers.


Contact us to schedule your appointment.

If you also would like to schedule an appointment to discuss sales opportunities in 2024 and our purchasing conditions, we are here for you. The future is digital, but our commitment to you remains as tangible as ever.

Contact us and together we will continue to write the story of our collaboration.