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The “PLAY SAFELY TOUR” has just started!

Italveneta Didattica promotes a travelling event which aims at educating children and adults to play safely. The first stage of the tour takes place in Ferrara.

This itinerant project consists of 7 stages taking place in 7 different Italian cities. It mainly consists in the setting up of didactic and educational play areas where children can learn how to play safely.

Through this educational activity, which involves also schools and families, children will have the opportunity to play and have fun together in a safe environment where they will enjoy events aimed at increasing awareness about the importance of fair and safe play.

The first two stages:

  • From March 18 to April 7, 2013 at “Il Porto” Shopping Centre in Rovigo
  • From 12 to 30 March, 2013 at  “Le Mura” Shopping Centre in Ferrara

 Following stages:

  • South Turin – “Moncalieri” Shopping Centre
  • Parma - "Eurosia" Shopping Centre
  • North Turin- Area 12 Shopping Centre - Juventus Stadium
  • Milan– “Le Cupole” Shopping Centre
  • Bologna– “Vialarga” Shopping Centre
  • Rimini– “Le Befane” Shopping Centre

For each of the 8 stages we will provide some of our colourful items included in the PLAY TIME range. The educational activities during each event use many items of the PLAY SCHOOL range to entertain children with safe and certified products.

Italveneta Didattica: why settle for anything less?

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