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Riviera Racing Team Sponsorship, Stock 600 and Stock 1000 motorcycle championship. The sport with PLAY SPORT


Italveneta renews the sponsorship of Riviera Racing Team, which is reaching very good results in the Italian “Campionato Velocità” this year. Last June 23rd and 24th at Mugello near Florence, the riders of the Venetian team Stefano Casalotti and Federico Dittadi were protagonists: during the two races in their respective categories Stock 600 and Stock 1000, they come close to the podium.

We have been supporting motor-racing sport for years, but not only: all the sports products of our PLAY SPORT range as well as the two riders Casalotti and Dittadi aim to high performance.

As always, quality is only clear actually on the field.

Italveneta sponsor di FCC Corse Team riviera   Italveneta sponsor di FCC Corse Team riviera