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“Games of the Veneto Region” returns for its third season and affirms its sport, but also social and cultural aim to join thousands of young people through sport. 34 federations with about 3.000 young athletes met In Caorle, near Venice, last May 23rd  to 26th.

During the opening ceremony of the Games, we offered 22 motor skill kits for the schools which attended the event. These kits are intended to support educational and sport activities.

Many different sport races took place, such as football, basketball, volleyball, skating, triathlon, archery, rugby, cycling, swimming, wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, squash, table tennis, equestrian sports , golf, sailing and skiing in the grass. It was also present the Paralympic Committee with exhibition of different sports for the disabled.

During the Games of the Veneto it was possible to visit the "Maglia Azzurra" exhibition, organized by the National Olympic Athletes and “Azzurri” of Italy. It collected more than 60 T-shirts belonging to Italian champions to remind their triumphs and victories as well as defeats and failures , as in all sports history.

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