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This event has reached the remarkable milestone of its 10th season!

Promoted by the Provinceof Rovigoand supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the project focuses on three fundamental concepts: road safety, compliance, legality.

It is thus possible to teach civics in a different way, transmitting knowledge to children but also awareness of the meaning of rules, the need to respect them, to respect themselves and others, to be active participants in the community in which we live.

The initiative involves thousands of children and young people from schools of all categories in theprovinceofRovigo, committed in a contest on the topics listed above.

The award ceremony will take place next Thursday 30th and Friday 31st May: schools that win the contest with their works (drawings / photos / video) will receive amazing prizes!

We will be present at the ceremony for preschools and primary schools because Italveneta donates prizes for the top 4 winners.

In particular, we provide some items included in our PLAY TIME range: solid, reliable and versatile large toys for indoor and outdoor play areas, and other quality items of our PLAYSCHOOLrange specific for schools.

The first placed school will receive the colourful, sturdy and modular outdoor large toy, CUBIC TOY H2000, ideal for decorating both school and public playgrounds and let children play in complete safety! Thanks to its special design and versatility, all CUBIC TOY models can also be used in facilities and even in swimming pools!

2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes consist of motor skill kits, ideal for physical activities, and colourful road signs which teach children behavioural rules that will help them understand the importance of safety and respect for others, as they’re playing

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Vado Sicuro 2013 Awards ceremony- 2  Vado Sicuro 2013 Awards ceremony - 1 
Vado Sicuro 2013 Awards ceremony - 3  Vado Sicuro 2013 Awards ceremony - 4